What is a Free RGB Color Picker?

The free RGB color picker is a fast and easy way to find an RGB hex color code for a web or graphics project you maybe working on. The color picker works two ways, both to find a hex value or to enter a hex value and see the associated color.

The color picker acts very much like the color wheels you may have use in art class back in elementary school.

You can manually enter a hexadecimal color value in the text box and see the associated color display or simply click the color window with your mouse to see the hexadecimal value for the color you selected.

This color picker is very similar to color wheels found in software applications like photoshop, Paint.net, GIMP or other advanced image editing software.

The free RGB color picker is super handy for web designers who need to match a color or find a color value fast.

What is RGB Color?

RGB is short for Red Blue Green. Every color we see is comprised of these three colors, either alone or mixed together to create other colors. Remember elementary school art class and the color wheel? That still applies today!

What are hex codes?

HEX is short fro hexadecimal. Humans counted in decimal, you know, base ten… 1 through 10. This works great for humans however computers don’t count this way. They use binary and hexadecimal.

Where decimal is a base 10 counting system (meaning the numbers only go from 0 through 9), hexidecamal is a base 16 counting system. This means you count from 0 through 9 and A through F which total 16.


This is really confusing for most people when they first learn about it but don’t worry you really don’t need to worry about it. Just know that color values range from 00 through FF.

The following shows how colors are broken down into a hex color code:

The first two digits in a hex color code are for RED, the next two are for GREEN, and the final two are for BLUE.  Each can range in value from 00 (meaning no color, ie, no RED) up to FF (meaning all RED).